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Choose which brawler should get the next make skin

2. June 2022

From today it is possible to vote for the next Make Skin in the News Tab in Brawl Stars. There are four brawlers to choose from: Frank, Gene, Grom and Tick. The brawler that gets the most votes will have a new skin designed by the Brawl Stars community in the next make campaign.

Unfortunately, there is no information on how long this poll will be available in Brawl Stars, so be quick if you want to participate in the poll.

In order to vote, you have to press the News tab in Brawl Stars, which is located on the left menu of the home screen. Next you need to go to News in the appeared window. Once you've done that, the vote should appear on the left.

Important! Each player can only vote once, so choose carefully which brawler you want to vote for.

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